Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Blog

Today is my one year blog birthday!

What a year!! My novel will be published in December and the movie rights have finally been sold to my old friends at Working Title.

Wait - I hear reality knocking on my key board!!!
Knock knock - who's there? Jayne. Jayne who? Exactly.

Not alot to share today, just that I wanted to post something on this special day.

Do you think cats sweat when it's this hot?

Do you think I will really be able to take a client seriously who requests that my conference planning call include fun and excitement? I said to my friend, I will wear a clowns outfit and play the trumpet half way through.

Perhaps I will "Pull A Stephen Slater" on the call. I could swear loudly and leap out on the office curtains with my packet of Advil and Red Bull.
I love how Mr.Slater answered a journalist when asked "Do you think you will lose your job?" He quietly smirked "I imagine so." It sounded just like Tim Gunn on Project Runway. So classy.

Ahh well. Swollen ankles, headaches and distant ambitions will one day come back into fashion.
You'll see.

So, cats sweat?


  1. LOL congrats jayne on your 1 year blog birthday!! Happy birthday to your blog! yay! =) I believe in your dreams and i can't wait to hear about your novel and movie when the time comes. I also started a blog if you want you can check it out at

    keep in touch boogie buddy!

  2. Cat's do sweat, through the glands between the pads of their paws. When they scratch at things they are often marking a territory with their scent!

  3. Happy blogiversary,
    Happy blogiversary,
    Happy blogiversarrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy,
    Happy blogiversary!



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