Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh you young ones!

So today I studied a comment from the great Jozette regarding my blog. I read and re read her comment at least twenty times. Then I asked my assistant "what does lmao mean?" I thought it was a reference to a country or a "Free the Lama Campaign." She politely reminded me that people write with short cuts!
I was so relieved when I heard what it meant. Thank you!

I felt slightly (and I mean slightly) mature for not knowing this new lingo.
It's like when people wear those small knitted sweaters or jackets with a pair of jeans and pearls. It looks great on them, very modern Audrey Hepburn. On me, it's instant granny. Dark sunglasses give me the blind look and loose summer dresses make me look like I'm on a Greek Island cruise with the Canasta Convention Party.

Another example - I imagine Elena Kagan's hair would look great on Megan Fox.

At least I try my best with what I've got - and that is said Only Laughing Demurely. To you younger folks that's o.l.d

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