Saturday, July 10, 2010

Desperatly Seeking

I thought today may be an unusual day, when I found myself thinking what it would be like to have Betty White's face. Seriously, that's what I was wondering driving into work.

I had, and still have no great conclusion to this thought. I did realize that perhaps it is more a want to be like Betty White, or at least the public personality that she presents.
Its like when you are waiting for your hair appointment and you flick through the style pages, its not the hair style you crave, its the face, the high cheek bones and the Colgate Dental White bing bing teeth.

So indeed it was an odd day. Little on the rollarcoaster ride. Not Thunder Mountain and definitely not Its a Small World.

On the drive back from work I was crying. In fact I was crying so much that a woman behind me got rather angry and started to blast her horn. I turned off the road quickly (without indicating - the rebel that I am!!!) and found myself in the parking lot of a church.

For those that do not know me I am as close to church as a camel is to getting a bikini wax.

"So strike me down right here" I scream and carry on crying.
Nothing happens. So I pull out onto the road again.
"And what was that meant to mean?" again with the screaming.
"You need comfort," were the words that pop into my head.
"And where on earth do I get that?"
No reply. So I sarcastically say:
"Food! That's where I get that. Let me eat myself to death."
There immediately I look up to see the majestic sign for McDonalds.

I laughed and cried some more as I guess my pearly gates will be the yellow arches and I will be met by a clown in big red shoes.

Story of my life really!!!!!!! NO - really.

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