Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Somewhere over..........

I experienced a frazzled end of my work day today. It happens and it's natural, though I do not like when my frazziness shows!

I was driving home thinking/sulking/attempting forgetting and the sky was that amazing ink black where everything is highlighted from the sun.

I pulled out onto the main road, and there was a rainbow. Not just a faded bit ending nowhere. I saw an entire arch of a rainbow. It was a wonderfully colored gorgeous full rainbow with a start and an end somewhere near Brockton. I have never seen one before.

As a kid I hated the day when the science teacher explained a rainbow. I longed for a leprechaun to jump out from the equipment cupboard with a test tube of gold and scream not to listen to the buggers of science.

So as I drove, I rummaged for my camera. Sorry Oprah - I know you said not to pick up the cell phone, but cameras don't count. This was my AHA moment.

I could not find the camera, I found a banana in my bag instead. Who knew?

So I enjoyed that as I drove along next to the rainbow....way up high.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I'm glad to see that a healthy choice was presented to you in the form of purse fruit.
    2. This post is almost serene in nature... I wonder if your quiet tones are to cover the fact that you drove to the end of the rainbow, found the gold and are now on your way to the Islands!

    Take me with you!!


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