Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Thought

Does anyone have a elephant gun with Valium that I may rent?
Not sure I would be allowed to travel with such an item though. Southwest only allows one bag, and that's not the sort of item I would like to try and hide.

How on earth do families travel with children?

Good news is I am learning about higher power. I was inspired recently by the weird visit from the Dali Lama on the Today show. So I have positive thoughts and a strong mantra containing bad language in my mind. Plus I have yet another new adventure in under garments called Higher Power. The recommending friend who wishes to remain nameless has promised that I will look good. If the recommending friend has this wrong, they will not remain nameless!

If one can see through the tension of this trip (graduation time!) the occasion is wonderful. Celebrating achievement, rewarding hard work and hours of endless study. Warmly and loudly saying "Well done and Good Luck."
I love moments when we can celebrate - everyone deserves and needs those times. I wish with everything I own ,that this may be witnessed from the heart and not the mind.

If not, as my friend Jen said - you can write an indie movie that will get attention and win the surprise Oscar. Jen suggested we meet next week to discuss Oscar ceremony gowns - see there's always a silver lining - or a lining so that your knicker lines don't show through the frock!!!!!

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  1. "I wish with everything I own ,that this may be witnessed from the heart and not the mind."
    My favorite line - thank you for reaffirming the truth!


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