Monday, May 31, 2010

After The Graduation

Returned from The Graduation full of pride and anticipation to see what happens next.

Having witnessed now, two university graduations, I would love to include a speech from an unknown. Maybe a parent.

It is great to hear from someone successful, in this case it was Mayor Bloomburg. Isn't it easy though to give advice when you are succeeding with your plan?
What about the struggle from those who have not?

I get tired of hearing how school life is not the real world. It is real, for that moment, and I feel one of the most basic things that you learn is underestimated and quickly forgotten.

In school it is mandatory to study. It is accepted that this is a time to question, to try, to fail, to have fun, to grow.

You should not stop just because you folded your $90 robe away.

When I graduated I truly believed that I would succeed. I had no thought that I wouldn't. Without working on my self esteem and confidence I lost that feeling without being aware. Gradually I avoided situations to face my ambition and when I created opportunities I ran away from them. Even to the point of running in my thirties. I realize now, my actions are just a habit.

The same as a student will work and work until their eyes close in a library or the sixth Red Bull of the day has been finished, their work attitude and hunger is a habit.
If not cherished, anything is lost so easily as blowing out a candle.

It is not just about going for what you want and never saying no. It is about continually checking in with who you are and remaining authentic. It is doing more than another when you believe you know how. It is about asking and listening and understanding to ask again, or to another, when you feel misguided. It is not about the attack and the control - it is so much about trust and seeking the solid support from others and always from yourself.

The skills of what we learn in school could be exactly and only what we need. One wonders who started the "out in the real world" expression. Someone who did not understand, perhaps?

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