Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Miss me?

Well, I can see that you have all missed me from the many begging letters for more blogs!
(Don't you love sarcasm?)
Here is my update:

1) I am amazed by Spring. You leave your garden in the morning then return in the evening to see more plants reaching up to say hello. Tonight I actually wondered if someone had planted some as a surprise!

2) I flicked over to Biggest Loser in a commercial from American Idol - and yet in the two minutes I saw, I ended up in tears again!

3) Is it me, or do you think the backing singers are really bad on American Idol this season? Everything sounds old fashioned with their oohh ahhs. Contestants - you are better off without them.

4) I am cheering on my brother and his gorgeous wife as they attempt a wondrous change. I love, admire and miss seeing them both.

5) Just finished reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Brilliant, brilliant - get a copy!

6) Had a great joke about April 20th today - but I cannot share it. I won't - so don't ask me. I'm just telling you it was funny.

5) White coconut chocolate...............oh my!!!!!!!

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