Friday, March 26, 2010

Becoming Gabriel

Last night I had a dream that I had become the Arc Angel Gabriel. Is it Arc or Arch?

How weird is that! I didn't even eat cheese.

In the dream I was part of a seance that I did not want to attend. As soon as it started I floated up away from my chair toward the ceiling. I was pretty scared. Then a voice started to tell me that it was OK and not to be frightened. "This is a good thing, nothing bad" the voice told me.

This could mean three things:

1) I'm going to get religious.

2) I'm going mad.

3) I am going to watch Field of Dreams again.

I remember practicing flying round the room and discovering that slowly passing through human bodies created an ecstatic feeling for them as well as myself. For readers who are British, please insert a Syd James laugh at this point!

Now that I had great powers I wished that I would wake up without a headache, that my husband would be well and that we had won the greatest amount in history on the lottery and would be able to do everything that we wanted for family and the world.

To my wishes though, I was instructed that I would feel and see everyone's pain, and would never be able to do anything about it.

I believe I was arguing the point, when Max the cat woke me up with a paw punch to the face.

Later in the morning I tried my hand at willing the broken office printer to work – it did not.

Anyone who needs to look that dream up in a book to understand it, will never become a therapist!

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