Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturdays - Popeye Discovery

On Saturday my stars said....

Good news from distant lands could find you feeling good about your life, eagerly anticipating the upcoming months. Your thinking is sharp and clear, Jayne, so this is a good day to make plans of any kind, particularly if they involve travel or education.

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no, can't think of anything.
I'm not sure if I was thinking that clearly as I walked into the gym. Yes, you read correctly I walked into the gym. I am not going to elaborate, so don't ask!

Anyway I was walking, holding on for dear life, eyes trying to avoid the food network (why do they do that in a gym?? It is severe punishment.) I was walking between ESPN, a weird channel with pirates on it and the movie Jerry Maguire. As Tom Cruise made out with whats her name, I discovered I was the only person "working out" who could not stop yawning.

Another thing I noticed was Popeye's grandson. I watched him lift a few weights for a minute and then walk around for at least ten minutes. His face did not shift expression. He again lifted a weight and then walked around. This continued throughout my torture, I mean "work out".

Whether walking or embracing a ton of metal, his grimace of pain did not change. I wondered if he had paid for a face lift and picked the "angry weight lifter look".
I worked out that the walking around is to stop guys like these from falling over, as their arm muscles are bigger than their heads. Must be odd really!

Favorite song of the Day: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Favorite Food of The Day: A Florida Orange - I told you don't ask!

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