Saturday, January 9, 2010

Turkey Stuffing

On Christmas Day My Stars Said:
Annoying situations that arise in connection with whatever you do today could have you feeling stressed out, Jayne. Take care not to work out your frustrations by overindulging in food or drink.

It's Christmas Day! That was invented for overindulging. I mean look at the gifts, the gold and the myrrh and whatever. What does a new baby need with all that?

I was determined to over indulge despite the threatening fact that I was to cook a traditional British Christmas Dinner. In England - even though it is served at lunch time, we still call it Dinner!

I did well in buying all I needed ahead of time. Had an odd experience trying to buy weighing scales on Christmas eve. I know Bed , Bath and Beyond Your Budget would have helped, but I was trying to cut long lines and went to a regular store that sell everything, apart from regular weighing food scales. The lady in there thinks she knows me and asked if I needed anything, I told her what I could not find and then she leaped from behind her cash register in super hero mode to bring me back "exactly what I need!"

There is now a line behind me all tutting along to the Christmas music and not in the spirit of the season at all.

She arrives back all smiles and thrusts at me weighing scales entitled "The Biggest Loser Weighing Scales." That show haunts me I swear. Not only do I see Jillian's hypnotic-all-pound-seeing-eyes, I also see the price, which needs to slim down as well!

I am not overwhelmed with assertiveness and I begin to think I should just say perfect, when it is not what I want at all. I need to pour flour and milk on this thing and it just looks like a glass plate with digital numbers on it. It looks too slim and too technical.
"I don't think that's it" I politely and boldly say. Man behind me lets out a "will just buy the thing" sigh.
"But I'm not a biggest loser" I joke.
"No, its to help you lose weight" she says and then we both flush bright red.

I did not buy the scale, nor the bag of M&Ms that I was about to pick up.

Christmas Dinner was a great experience as I have not cooked a roast dinner in five years. It's not pleasant stuffing a turkey is it? Why do they take the neck and the giblets out, only to put them back in a bag? I did have two frightening moments:
One, I could not work out how to turn the oven on. We have used the stove top and the microwave and in 1.5 years at the house have not turned the oven on.
Scary moment two was seeing how my gravy turned out. I am proud to say it did not have lumps. Simply because it was one big lump. It was awful.
In fact, a Christmas miracle occurred when the turkey sat up and said "pour that over me and I'm out of here."

Well, at least it wasn't Pot Noodle!

Favorite Song of the Day: Let It Snow by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne
Favorite Food of the Day: British Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings

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