Monday, January 25, 2010

Closer to Hawaii

Saturdays stars said this...

Something may be working to get your dander rising today, Jayne. Hot tempers and strong opinions are being voiced right and left. Go with the flow and try to see the big picture.

These stars were wrong for me, I'm glad to report. I do like the term "get your dander rising."
It's a shame that it has a negative meaning because it should mean something fun and silly.
Like a belly laugh that begins with a giggle or a night out with friends that you do not want to go to and yet it's that night that you meet an attractive man with a Mercedes and stocks in Red Door spas. (Come on I'm dreaming!)

Anyway, my note here is a funny thing about my longing to go to Hawaii.

I had dinner on Saturday at a restaurant that is now featured on my favorite restaurant list.
Roy's in Bonita Springs Florida. Oh my goodness what a fabulous place. The food was as great as the service. The atmosphere was busy and fun, yet you felt like you were the only ones getting attention. It was not that type of a noisy restaurant that makes you need to shout to be heard and you find you eat faster and faster because the waiters are flashing by so quickly.

I had butterfish. I have never heard of butter fish - but I know why it is called that. It melted. AND, was I glad that I had been warned, as I did leave room for an incredible dessert - a chocolate souffle.Oh, oh, oh!

Also receiving an oh, oh, oh was the titled "1988" cocktail. I do not often enjoy an cocktail. I have a "Mai Tai" Domican Republic episode that did not have a pretty ending! I was glad to come out of cocktail retirement to sip this ONE slowly.

I am extremely lucky to be have been treated to wonderful meal and restaurant visits throughout my life. I have never taken a single one for granted. Thank you to Joe & Jean for making this one happen.

Especially as it came with an extra special smile for me; this restaurant was Hawain fusion, first opening in Honoulo in 1988. It was a little sign that maybe I could get there, one flip flop and one cocktail at a time.

Favorite Food of the Day: Butterfish
Favorite Song of the Day: Hey Soul Sister - Train

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