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Wednesday's Wishes

Today my Stars said:

Get the rest that you need, Jayne. Your actions today should be slow and methodical. Don't try to experiment with something that you know nothing about.

So ironic on the very day that I was going to start heated speed yoga at 4am.

This is a joke of course, there is no such thing as heated speed yoga. Well now I have said it, there will be. Is it only me, who looks at that dieting advert that pops up as you write emails, of the woman on the scales with the large white knickers and thinks "Blimey, that's me! How did they get that photo?"

Again last night I cried while watching The Biggest Loser. Those folks are so brave and what a very unreal situation they are in. Can you believe that I was actually watching while eating my father in laws famous ribs dripping in barbecue sauce. (You do understand that he cooked them, I don't mean that I am now a werewolf and was eating his actual ribs.) Anyway, there I was eating and crying, expecting Bob and th…

Mondays Neat & Proud

Last Monday my Stars Said:

You are apt to take a look at your neat and orderly closet, your well-organized desk and your clean bathroom, and be proud, Jayne.

As the song goes, two out of three ain't bad!

1, My desk. I try to keep this well organized. It is reasonably small on purpose so that clutter does not find a place. I love being organized at work. Handy really, seeing as I am an event planner. I am addicted to ring binders, plastic folders and things with colored tabs.

Ziplock bags were invented just for me. I love them! In fact when I die I request that I be placed into a ziplock bag (triple gallon size with zipper) and thrown into Padanarum Harbor. After drifting for awhile I intend to become the new Loch Ness Monster, but along the coast of Hawaii, with heat and turtles and the like.

2, My bathroom. I love a nice bathroom. I am the type of girl who loves burning candles, bubbles up to my neck with a clay face mask plastered on. Once in Florida, I was in a room that featured a…