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Thursdays Trying Day

Today my stars said...............
The day will most certainly be stressful and you will most likely be irritated. Try to use this day to your advantage and try to get your life back in order!

Oh come on! Are you serious? Certainly stressful does not equal most likely irritated!
Most likely should be replaced by - a guaranteed home runner of frustratingly, nearly aggressive, could be considered irrational, irritation.

I love how my stars have no faith that I can survive the day, as it just says try to get your life back in order! It doesn't shout Go Do It Jayne - YOU CAN! It just meekly says try!

I hate getting irritated. Even the word kind of whines and gets at you, like a rash that the skin version promises.

When I feel irritation building up in me, I work hard to push it away. I do all the things, breathe, count to ten, close your eyes, eat a do nut. Nothing works if that irritation really wants to invade. It has powers all of its own.

The bad type is the irritation that arrives sudde…