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Tuesdays Praise for Charles

Tuesday's stars said this.....

Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you today, Jayne. Words are especially meaningful and powerful today so don't use them lightly.

I am so lucky to have many I love. If I were to receive an Oscar, I would be dragged off the stage still thanking people I love.

Top of that list is my Mum and Dad.

I miss my Dad terribly. He passed away on December 16th 1993 at ten minutes past nine in the evening. He was sixty. A young sixty.

I miss all of the things that we shared and all of the things that we did not get to share.
His face smiles at me right now from a photograph sitting to the left of me. It was his movie star image days. Incredibly handsome with a smile that is kind of cheeky with pale blue eyes that glow trust.

When asked, if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive - my answer is my Dad. I know so much about him and yet so little. He was at times a power house. He made things happen. My brother & I called him The Whistler, becau…

Thursday from Locker 803

Today's posting is slightly different as I was on a mini vacation.
So, it's kind of like the television show that does a holiday special and ventures out from it's regular appearance.

PLUS - my stars for this day were absolutely spot on. I followed their advice without reading them, as I did not see them until a day later. What's more, the thing I did, that I can not mention, turned out to be the right thing, even though it were a different form of action for me. A true learning moment - wish I could share with you - but this is not the psycho office!

During my mini vacation, I was extremely fortunate to find myself as a gift card receiver for a day at a spa. 8am to 5pm including three special treatments and all the exercise classes I could fit in. If you know me, you are already laughing!

I did push myself and experienced two classes. Amazing for a body that does not remain standing for more than ten minutes at a time . I stretched and stretched, in the hope that the fat …