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Tuesday's Thoughts

Today my stars were very long and started with this....

You may be experiencing an incredible fear about not knowing which way to turn, Jayne.

I have not lost my internal personal GPS unit, I know it is there hidden. Somewhere in the days business of being busy, I hear it beeping saying wrong turn, go back and start again.
I can feel when I'm off course, headed for a dead end or rolling toward a cliff. I hear the directions and yet sometimes I still choose to go that route that does not give me a pleasant view or photo opportunities with a coffee and a sandwich.

I find it a challenge to remain who you are when dealing with other peoples urgency's. I wonder if that is the profession I am in, or the type of person I am?

I saw the end of The Biggest Loser tonight and it made me cry. You know you are tired when you cry while watching The Biggest Loser. They were talking about someones sacrifice for another. I don't know, it just stirred up alot inside. I feel like I am cheating mys…