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The Wednesday Greens

On Wednesday, my stars said this:

Your energies might be turned toward beautifying your home, Jayne. Perhaps you've decided to repaint in a new color scheme, or go in a completely new direction in your decorating tastes.

This is true. I am in the middle, downstairs front room to be exact, of decorating.

I know that shades of green seem to be the trend. You can have "Inverness" on your back wall, with "Artichoke" or "Gentle Moss" on the trim. There's "Courtyard Green", "Evergreen", even "Vogue Green".

To me though, there is only prison green and hospital green. No matter what shade, I just see doom and gloom green. I am not a fan of green. Previous owner was, hence, we are painting everywhere.

We are going to boldly try "Soft Pumpkin". So far, it is bordering on "Get Happy NOW" color, let alone anything soft, we shall see though. I remain optimistic, which no doubt is also a paint color.

I love all the t…

The Wedding - August 29 09

We interrupt the usual flow of this blog, to pay a special mention with attention to the V.I.W.
Very important wedding, as previously discussed.

In a few words it was simply beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, honest, loving, inspiring, romantic, funny, natural, caring, thoughtful, reflective of the two families, respectful, fun, extremely good looking. All this plus cake.

To hear the V.I.B say, she would not change a thing - said it all.

It was an honor to be a part of it.

For those of you following the blog. Yes, indeed The Foundation Garment of The Year was actually in action. It had been located in a local shop and found with the assistance of a woman called Shirley, who was honest to admit that she did not think she could help me. (Not what you want to hear when talking about pushing everything up and sucking it all in.) She did however astonish herself and found the right contraption in the "Mean to Lean" section and it worked like a trap, I mean a treat.

I had not seen the ladi…