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Thursday's psychology

Today my stars say this:

Something you read today could have a dramatic impact on your life, Jayne. Pay particular attention to articles on dream psychology.

I finished the book I was reading today. It was wonderful. Alice Hoffman - The Story Sisters. Wow that lady can write. Did I ever say I wanted to be a writer? That's like going into a Chinese restaurant and asking for a cheeseburger.

I also read the menu at the drive through. A new donut with toffee chippings on it looks good!

Maybe I'm not reading the right things to discover something on dream psychology.

I had a pedicure about an hour ago. I am one of the very few who does not enjoy the procedure, even though the end result is great.

A pedicure looks too medical to me. Too many instruments with sharp edges close to the skin makes me look for an accident. And don't get me started with the dentist! Whoever thought of such torture. At least with a pedicure you end up with your toes sparkling red (or what color you want, pi…

Wednesday slowly provides advice

Today my stars say:

In some way or another, you may be asked to slow down today, Jayne.

Now this is too good to ignore! All those childhood days where teachers screamed "Get a move on!" All those races where I stumbled in red faced and horribly last. Where were my stars then, with their glorious advice of slow down?

And listen to my stars as they provide a warning:

Whether this comes in the form of a speeding ticket, or a scrape on the knee when you trip because you were walking too fast, know that this message is one that must be listened to.

I never walk too fast. I did a charity walk in 2007 and Grandmothers with walking frames overtook me. In fact I'm still trying to finish my charity walk of 2007.

The key for you now is not to get too emotional as a result of this slow-down. Know that it is for your own good; so don't whine about it, just do it.

I whine about many things. Anything to do with diets, for example, deserves a good whine.

The fact that I have swollen ankle…

Sunday Roast

My stars on Sunday said:

You might be having trouble with your plumbing today, Jayne, particularly if you have a good-sized kitchen.

I just can't take the word plumbing seriously and I don't know why. It's like the word pudding! The reference to plumbing, kind of shocked me as I thought again that the stars were referring to my internal quirks, as previously discussed! I'm glad they added the part about the kitchen.

I like my kitchen. I do not know if it is a good sized one. My kitchen makes me want to do things like whisk, mix, broil and, well, open the stove door.

My Out Laws, are wonderful, well seasoned cooks. They have all the bowls and the knives and the focus to know when puffed is puffed and when a rib eye is not a tenderloin. They pull apart a lobster without flinching. Onions cry when my father in law greets them with his knife.

I once thought I might ask them to teach me a few recipes, but I don't know! Can you really teach a failed home economic girl stewing…