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Thursday - if Austen had a blog.

To my relief and delight my stars are back. Thank you!

So, today my stars say this:

This time of new beginnings is extremely important Jayne, and it would behoove you now to probe your depths and do a personal systems check to fix any internal quirks that might give you trouble in the future.

This reads straight from a medical journal written when Jane Austen wrote a blog. Behoove! Behoove? I had to read that thrice, me thinkest it is an olde word of ye wisdom from nay my brothers head of broiled wit and twixt...... you get the gist.

"Behoove Mr.Darcy please!"
Suggestion number two: "I must depart to get my horse behooved today."
Or "There are plenty of bees in the beehove Mrs.Bumble!"

What does behoove mean? I have never seen that word before. The fact that it appears in the same sentence as probe your depths frightens me. Will this hurt? Especially as it may fix my internal quirks - of which this week I have had many!

I am all for behooving it and probing it, …

Wednesday - is this a sign?

Today my stars say this:

That's right, nothing! I actually did not receive my daily stars today. How weird is that!
I checked my in box twice, my deleted box, my junk in the trunk, my out box, my favorites, my cookies, my everything and no stars.

Is this a sign? Am I being watched? Does anyone think I was being sarcastic, because I wasn't.
In fact I was inspired. So should a lack of their appearance tell me to stop? Kind of like waiting at the airport arrivals for your Spanish lover to come, when he said he would, and he doesn't! How many planes do you watch arrive before giving up and going home, solo and broken hearted.

Today was an odd day. Nothing awful, just kind of quirky. Maybe my stars knew and did not know what to say that would fit the experience of Wednesday.

I was at an office today that was newly renovated. Very cool with bright walls, lots of space (lack of work force maybe?) modern artwork and obviously very green in color and attitude. They had those cubes going …

Monday in Happy Non Motion

Today my stars say:

This may not be the most energetic of days for you, Jayne. You have been working exceptionally hard lately, and your body needs time to refuel.

I love that! Even my stars tell me that not only do I desire rest that I actually need rest.
They must have seen me lazing on the beach Saturday and Sunday, and thought, look how happy she is, content not to move.

Stars continue to point out:

Even though your body is slowed your mind is more active than ever.

That makes me laugh. There could never be a single time when my mind would be slower than my body because quite simply, my body does not move beyond s....l.....o....o...o....w.

I am reincarnated from a tortoise or a statue. I was the kid always picked last to be on any team. I think I am going to pass out if I get up too quickly. I emigrated to America just for the drive through!

There are joggers I see, who make running look attractive. I believe they are hired by sports shops and clubs. They are driven to the park in secret…

Friday night is frying night

Friday's stars continue along the same positive note with a focus on writing.

Any new project begun at this time Jayne, is likely to succeed, especially if writing, speaking, or other forms of entertainment or creative arts are involved. Don't bother worrying about the specter of possible failure.

I'm certain that there is a Virgo female wrestler out there with an ambition to throw her competitor across the ring. Her muscles are harder than my attempts of baking rock cakes and her knuckles are too thick to hold a pen. So I'm sure the idea of creative arts does not thrill her. For me though, I continue to feel excited.

Though, I admit, Friday evening does not find me sitting at my computer typing Chapter One.

It finds me out on the great mission of buying The Foundation Garment of The Year. Yes, it deserves capital letters as I award it with such importance.

With just one piece of fabric, my body will be turned into a slender, power of beauty, that only my dreams have allowe…