Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursdays Twilight Zone

Today my stars say:

You feel no fear or doubt Jayne, as you progress toward your goals at a fast clip. Cruising along on calm seas under clear skies.

Please cue Twilight Zone music, as we refer to my blog yesterday where I talked about feeling like I was on a boat with another part of me left on an island.
I take it as a sign that getting back to writing is the way to go. Fantastic! Maybe I will at last find my inspiration and write a funny novel that means something.

Emmm. (I am looking around the room, wow, look at that cobweb.) Emmmm. So, what else can I write?

I am currently in a fashion dilemma over getting a dress for an important wedding. No, not mine, as I am already married and I do not live in Utah, so that would just be plain awkward.

I paid tribute to the old tradition of waiting until the last minute to go dress hunting, with the ever present hope that I would lose weight. There is believe me, weight to lose!

I am now deciding between two dresses and find it funny as I noticed tonight the official colors of both dresses. One is Espresso Chocolate Brown and the other is called Eggplant. Even my dress choices are edible! I am obsessed with food. I wonder if that's why I'm over weight?

I am extremely motivated to diet and know I could/should/would enjoy salad. However, I recognize that I only feel that level of commitment after a great day of snacking. Snacks are the best invention. If I owned a restaurant it would be called Snacks and would be run like an old fashioned school tuck shop.

Wouldn't it be cool to line up with your glass of wine and order your Ritz crackers with a slice of cheese, a packet of peanuts and some Rolos. People would/should/could pay for that.

Some days my secret drawer at work (we all have one) looks like it is sponsored by Willy Wonka. I bring my stash in, a little guiltily, like when you walk through the Nothing To Declare zone when you really do have something to declare. I hide my treasure beneath the post it notes, a packet of tissues and the stapler. Not that anyone has the least bit of interest in my snack drawer - wow that just does not sound right!


Favorite Food of the Day: Frosted Coffee Roll
Favorite song of the Day: Walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesdays surprise

Oh great excitement. My stars have been so dull recently that to read them today was like finding a twenty dollar bill in your pocket that you did not know was there.
(When that happens these days, I find I check to see that all my teeth are still there, in case I had a visit from the adult tooth fairy).

Today my stars say this:

The outlook for today is excellent, dear Jayne. All signs indicate that now is the best time to plan an adventure.

I do not know where to start. Well, I know I need to work today. I'm at my desk, so that's a good start.

I grew up with great dreams which turned into ambitions. I realize of late, that I have left those behind. I know I let this happen gradually and yet it feels like I suddenly decided to dump that side of me. Told it: "It's not you, it's me. I need distance. We have grown apart".

Now I see the old me standing on an island as I drift off on a boat. I'm saying: "What did I do? I don't understand. I can change!"

Maybe, it's time I revisited the old me and those dreams. Maybe my age, will allow me to have more fun with it, rather than being so serious and needy. Perhaps I will return that phone call from my old self and see what she says.

Favorite song of the day Seven by David Bowie

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday - it begins

Like millions of others I decide after watching and enjoying the new Nora Ephron movie Julie and Julia – that I want to write a blog. (Great book and great movie by the way.)

I am not that good with computers, do not like the sound of the word blog yet still I need and want to do something. Infact, first attempt of doing this went wrong and the screen told me I had the wrong html. Whats that? Horribly typed manuscripted letters?

Second try, here goes.

And so, it begins….

Tuesday August 11th 2009

Today my stars say this:

It is ok to cry today, Jayne. Realize that the action of releasing is critical to the action of receiving. If you have no sense of fear and restriction, it may be hard for you to experience joy and expansion. Sew the seeds that will allow you to soar to great heights today, but make sure you are ready to accept the challenges that come along with your growth.

First, I know it is OK to cry. I have a new habit of doing it every day. It causes intrigue as every morning at about the same time, I arrive at the drive through coffee counter, with the same amount of mascara running down my cheeks and puffy red eyes that a gerbil featured on You Tube would be proud of.

In my head I have a back story that I am a nurse, no a doctor, who does all the all night shifts at a hospital. In this role I am successful and well respected. I deserve coffee and two jelly do nuts!

I have no problem with understanding fear and restriction. I can not go down escalators for example. What on earth is the expansion and joy about? The only expansion I see is on my waist and the only joy I see has Almond written in front of it.

Then it mentions accepting challenges in order to grow. Why do we need to survive problems in order to grow? Here is how I want to grow: I win the lottery and pack up my husband and cat called Max and off we go to Hawaii. Sit on a beach for days and days and decide how best to grow our money, not forgetting our charitable and spiritual growth of course.

Favorite song of the day: Heaven by Talking Heads

Favorite Food of the day: HoHos.

Here goes - I am going to push Publish Post.

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