Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sundays Guilt Over Soup

On Sunday my stars said:

You have a generous spirit, Jayne. And today you are feeling particularly altruistic.

OK, I admit, what does that word mean? Every so often you throw me a new word that worries me. My first thought is it means very modern, like in the future. Then I think it means having a really big ego.

Altruism (pronounced: /ˈæltruːɪzəm/) is unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
Wow, OK then!

Finally, you will have a chance to help your fellow man in a very real and direct way.

Blimey! That's exciting. I hope it does not involve Tiger Woods.

Forget about your big goals and lofty visions. It's hopeless to set out to eradicate world hunger.

Really? World hunger! Mind you, I'm starting small and constantly working on my own hunger. Does that count?

You can, however, go down to the local shelter and help whip up a soup for a few dozen people. The one-on-one contact will do you good.

I honestly admire folks who do this and I feel I should/could/would. Something scares me and in that thought I realize how small a life I live. I heard a quote today: "You are the author of your own life." It made me think. I am so busy with "stuff" - am I really focusing on what counts? How do you do that?

I will let you know if I do "whip up a soup" - which I now wish to use to describe making a change.

Favorite Food of the Day: Tuna Sandwich
Favorite Song of the Day: Theme to The Amazing Race - I love that show!

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