Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pancakes, Manicures and Clooney

Last Monday my stars said this....

Watch out for the ugly green monster today, Jayne. It can rear up before you get the word "jealousy" out of your mouth if you're not on guard for it. Consider why you don't feel as solid as you could. What's causing the insecurity for you?

Last Monday I did not feel jealous. The only green you could see last Monday was my regular impression of The Hulk - in both anger and size, I like to co-ordinate my characteristics.

Right now, at 11:03pm on a Wednesday, I feel jealousy for a writer I suddenly discovered with a great title for her book and a truly fabulously funny blog. I will buy the book, for me and as a gift, it is that perfect. I will too continue to read her blog.

So, I guess everyone should get used to me being green with envy. When, when, when will I just go for it?

I am currently extremely happy. My Mum is here for the holiday season. Today was the perfect Mother and daughter time as we cringed through our manicures and then devoured pancakes with maple syrup. I love my Mum, she is fabulous. She also plays a wicked fast Scrabble Slam game and is not afraid of using swear words to win.

It is because of my Mum that I am writing this while feeling jealousy for another writer. It is a tradition for my Mum, that George Clooney hang around in her kitchen all year. So just now, I was on the last minute Internet search for the gift of the Clooney calendar. It is a surprising fact that finding a Clooney calendar is as difficult as I am certain it would be to date him. (Especially me, a married, very round, worn out looking Londoner who waddles like a duck in the snow.)

Anyway in pursuit of said calendar I stumbled upon this wonderful writer, who has a funny connection to Mr.Clooney, and that very fact throws me into the whine of "but look I wrote that down in 2004 and now I have to throw it away because it has been written by someone else" and now I must go to bed feeling like a failure.

I wonder if 2010 could be the year I drop the do nut to pick up the pen?
I wonder when that writer suddenly changed into "doing it mode" instead of "thinking about it".
I often wonder when does a kitten turn into a cat? It is the same thing.

I encourage us all to start. Oprah is going into retirement so it makes room for new amazing faces to surprise and emerge. This is it - I will start. I have no George Clooney calendar, but I do have dreams and great nails, you can do anything with great nails.

Favorite Food of the Day: Pancakes with maple syrup
Favorite Song of The Day: Baby It's Cold Outside sung by Dean Martin

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  1. Every year, every day, every moment a fresh chance at picking up the pen - I hope for me as well.


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