Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mondays Neat & Proud

Last Monday my Stars Said:

You are apt to take a look at your neat and orderly closet, your well-organized desk and your clean bathroom, and be proud, Jayne.

As the song goes, two out of three ain't bad!

1, My desk. I try to keep this well organized. It is reasonably small on purpose so that clutter does not find a place. I love being organized at work. Handy really, seeing as I am an event planner. I am addicted to ring binders, plastic folders and things with colored tabs.

Ziplock bags were invented just for me. I love them! In fact when I die I request that I be placed into a ziplock bag (triple gallon size with zipper) and thrown into Padanarum Harbor. After drifting for awhile I intend to become the new Loch Ness Monster, but along the coast of Hawaii, with heat and turtles and the like.

2, My bathroom. I love a nice bathroom. I am the type of girl who loves burning candles, bubbles up to my neck with a clay face mask plastered on. Once in Florida, I was in a room that featured a jacuzzi. It was awful. The thing was so loud and had this huge mirror in front of it.
Ruined my relaxation and the advertising image I have of myself. I shudder when I see hotels boasting that they have heart shaped jacuzzis. They are about as attractive as a bag of soggy pork rinds and a beer belly.

3, The wardrobe. At least twice a year I act upon the idea of clearing it out and getting it sorted. I buy padded hangers and those shelf things that promise to organize. I have even bought those plastic storage bags that you pack up and then let the vacuum hose pipe perform a sexual act with and bingo everything can fit into a small space. Not true, by the way, those things are great to watch, but are only that, pure entertainment.

Twice a year everything I own gets pulled out and put into enthusiastic piles. I then pretend that I'm hosting a TV show called "Getting Back in the Closet", in order to tease myself into tidying more. Soon the perfectionist system I have set up including colors, sizes, practicals, goes by the way side. As soon as you start a miscellaneous section, you know you are way past interest.
Finally I end up throwing everything back for another day and so it remains.
Well, that's why wardrobes have doors! They are way better kept in a mess, Narnia would not have been so magical in a tidy wardrobe.

Favorite Food of the Day: Mini Wheaties
Favorite Song of the Day: Brickhouse by The Commodores

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  1. The Narnia line is my favorite that you've written so far! Love it! Glad you're back, maybe it'll inspire me to get back ontrack, too!


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