Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday I'm a writer.

Today my stars said:

Where have you been? You are a writer Jayne, so write!

My stars did not say that at all! That was me, talking to myself as I tore myself away from my bed this morning, determined to face an entire day of writing.

It went well. I started by tiding the room we call the office. Four hours later, three rubbish bags full and a basket full of CDs organized and the room is gorgeous. Suddenly very spacious without boxes and bags everywhere, full of unfinished craft projects and notebooks half filled. Now the office looks like an office and I can write - right?

Next, I primed a cabinet downstairs that I hope to make into a real eye catcher. Something artistic and original. A piece that people will say, wow, where did you get that? I will say, it's very old and I re-painted it myself. So that took an hour and was quite fun to do.

Then I needed to really clean the kitchen sink. Something was making it smell! So that was attacked with bleach, a scrubber and something that promised to make the sink shine like new while smelling of oranges. It doesn't really but it looks shiney and not so smelly.

Now, can I write? No, Im hungry, writers need energy to create, so I have to eat a sandwich. Now write? No, now I want to relax in a bath, dream awhile and then watch Amazing Race.

I love this writing lark - you get so much done around the house when you say you're going to write!

And this is a story of the difference between those who do and those who clean.

Favorite Food: The Sandwich
Favorite Song of the Day: Funhouse by Pink

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