Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tuesdays Praise for Charles

Tuesday's stars said this.....

Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you today, Jayne. Words are especially meaningful and powerful today so don't use them lightly.

I am so lucky to have many I love. If I were to receive an Oscar, I would be dragged off the stage still thanking people I love.

Top of that list is my Mum and Dad.

I miss my Dad terribly. He passed away on December 16th 1993 at ten minutes past nine in the evening. He was sixty. A young sixty.

I miss all of the things that we shared and all of the things that we did not get to share.
His face smiles at me right now from a photograph sitting to the left of me. It was his movie star image days. Incredibly handsome with a smile that is kind of cheeky with pale blue eyes that glow trust.

When asked, if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive - my answer is my Dad. I know so much about him and yet so little. He was at times a power house. He made things happen. My brother & I called him The Whistler, because he knew everything. Doesn't really make sense, yet it does to us. We also called him Jim, after Jimmney Cricket.

He had an amazing love for theater, movies and laughter. We would always go backstage after a musical or a play to collect autographs. He knew, with a casual wink, how to get passed the stage door keeper and into the dressing rooms. People thought he was "someone", he had that air of confidence.

I had dreams of buying my Dad an old fashioned type of truck that he had always admired. His name beautifully painted on the side. I had hopes of being the one to take them both on fun holidays and treating them, as they did for me. I am so sad that I achieved none of those things. My Dad loved the holidays!

I always think of him when I get on a plane. He always travelled wearing a shirt and tie.
I remember him when I'm on a beach in the sun - when he bought a self tanning lotion by mistake instead of sun protection resulting in an over darkened basically baked version of Dad.
I remember laughing so hard at his impression of Michael Jackson doing the moon walk. I remember he loved blue shirts and his wonderful long mac that made him look like a television detective. The special deals and treats he would bring home from the market and the time he thought we were all being kidnapped in a taxi cab in Rome!

Life did not play fair with my Mum and Dad. They worked hard, loved hard and fought politely to get something out of life. They achieved alot and had alot more taken from them. My amazing loving Mum, misses him fiercly every day. Alone is a word that screams.

I am lucky to be an adult who knows how much I love my parents and had time to tell them so. Yet I am still a little girl who cries through the memories, and says "Wish You Were Here Dad!"

Favorite Song of The Day: Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead
Favorite Food of The Day: Popcorn

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