Monday, October 26, 2009

Mondays - Clothing and Laptops

Today my stars say.....
Everyone has done it... everyone at one time in their life has bought something impulsively without really thinking about it enough first. But as far as you are concerned, Jayne, it happens a little more often than it should. Have you looked at your closet full of clothes you never wear?

Are you kidding me! Have you, dear stars, looked into my closet lately? I have never been the type to care for clothing. I do not own enough of it to have a style. I have to wear everything that is in there, because there's not much. Yes, I do hold onto the pair of skinny jeans that I hope one day will fit again. Everyone does that.

Secret to share: These stars however did prevent me from wandering into town to buy something new to wear!

I am finally on a writers retreat. It's wonderfully frightening. Four days to write with classes and workshops to advise and provide guidance. Time to dive into my imagination. To create, to play and indulge.

Instantly I realize how much I procrastinate about my writing. I use all the classic reasons why not to write. Why I need to drink another cup of coffee, why sitting in the right chair is important, why I want a pencil today and not a pen to write with. Truth is, I am scared that I will discover my pages are worth more left in the bottom drawer than they are out in the open.

I am pleased to say that I do not believe in signs. If I did, I would have packed my suitcase and left last night, for since my arrival, this laptop has been having hissy fits and does not want to play. Currently it is taking itself through a start up repair process. Very similar to myself. I hope we both feel better by the end of the four days.

I watch a blue bar stream across the screen. Attempting repair, it glows. I should have the same sign on my forehead.

This retreat is also a time to refuel for me. I have a sadness just tipping into the edge of me. I don't want to listen to it right now. It's just fear. Thoughts about the illness that has arrived in my life. I wish to skip that part and go into the "happily dealing with" stage. I believe that love will assist us on our new journey. Trouble is, we both know the end destination is pretty crappy and we were forced onto this train ride. We have no choice but to buckle up and make the most of the view.
No, I can't think about that sadness today. We deserve better.

The laptop just changed its status and says - To Start Immediately, click Finish. Interesting advice.

Favorite Food of the Day: Crispy bacon for breakfast
Favorite Song of The Day: Smile by Uncle Kracker

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