Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Wednesday Greens

On Wednesday, my stars said this:

Your energies might be turned toward beautifying your home, Jayne. Perhaps you've decided to repaint in a new color scheme, or go in a completely new direction in your decorating tastes.

This is true. I am in the middle, downstairs front room to be exact, of decorating.

I know that shades of green seem to be the trend. You can have "Inverness" on your back wall, with "Artichoke" or "Gentle Moss" on the trim. There's "Courtyard Green", "Evergreen", even "Vogue Green".

To me though, there is only prison green and hospital green. No matter what shade, I just see doom and gloom green. I am not a fan of green. Previous owner was, hence, we are painting everywhere.

We are going to boldly try "Soft Pumpkin". So far, it is bordering on "Get Happy NOW" color, let alone anything soft, we shall see though. I remain optimistic, which no doubt is also a paint color.

I love all the terms that are associated with this painting your home lark. Who ever thought to unify your color flow or the need to reflect on your light sources by adding a faux finish.

You hear couples wandering around in Home Depot discussing how to create a focal point with their color palette or how they can enhance their mood with incandescent light. Once upon a decorating day, you could enhance your mood just by sniffing a paint pot. That's all changed now. They even have paint that will eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. Really? Honestly?

Remember when the feng shui stuff became popular? That's always fun to think about where to place your arm chair to welcome in money. Inside a bank might be a good idea.

I do like to have a candle at my desk while I work. I believe it gives me a sense of calm (anyone who has worked with me is now rolling their eyes). I like to somehow have creativity close by, and to me a candle inspires that. I think the pint of coffee and pile of Ho Hos also contributes!

Favorite Food of the Day: A large Angus hamburger
Favorite Song of The Day: Downtown by Petula Clark

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