Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Wedding - August 29 09

We interrupt the usual flow of this blog, to pay a special mention with attention to the V.I.W.
Very important wedding, as previously discussed.

In a few words it was simply beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, honest, loving, inspiring, romantic, funny, natural, caring, thoughtful, reflective of the two families, respectful, fun, extremely good looking. All this plus cake.

To hear the V.I.B say, she would not change a thing - said it all.

It was an honor to be a part of it.

For those of you following the blog. Yes, indeed The Foundation Garment of The Year was actually in action. It had been located in a local shop and found with the assistance of a woman called Shirley, who was honest to admit that she did not think she could help me. (Not what you want to hear when talking about pushing everything up and sucking it all in.) She did however astonish herself and found the right contraption in the "Mean to Lean" section and it worked like a trap, I mean a treat.

I had not seen the ladies (too mid in age to say girls) so high for years. In fact my knees were cold and my walk quickly became a strut with a swagger to help keep balance and to match the new shadows I threw out. My voice suddenly took on a Mae West persona as everything that had gone South now pointed North.

It really is true that fitted makes a difference. I do not recommend it if you hope for easy escape routes though. I knew I would need a tool kit to get out of mine, but that's not the purpose of The Foundation Garment of The Year. Oh for the days when tiny pieces of lace held everything together, but that's another story!

During dressing on the V.I.W day, I had managed to tap into my contortionist skills and got The Foundation Garment of The Year on all by myself followed by the dress only to find that the hidden zipper would not go up.

It was not too tight, the zipper was just doing what it was meant to do, in the hiding part.

At one point my husband, mother in law and mother in laws neighbor were all tugging away to make it work. I was waiting to hear a dreaded rip in the fabric. A quiet, sincere panic was beginning to hit me as I thought I might end up going to the V.I.W wearing the motel shower curtain. At one stage I even had the dress in the style of Madonna when she made the corsets look fashionable again. Is that how she discovered that look, with a hidden zipper incident?
All I know is that I'm a bigger material girl than Madonna and Vogue is not my style!

It eventually and suddenly worked and everyone sighed for relief. Well, I didn't, because I could not really breathe from there on. Anyway, who needs oxygen when family gets married?

I did have a thought that I looked as though I had read the invitation as fancy dress and I had come along as a red couch. Just my feelings though - and to be honest, all eyes were rightly fixed on the V.I.B. Happiness and love were her middle name, and for me it was honestly a dream come true to see her radiate so much joy.

Now, they are off on their honeymoon, The Foundation Garment of The Year has been wrapped up and put away in a secret location and I am excited to make a great pair of curtains from my dress - kind of like a reverse Gone with The Wind.

Favorite Food of the Day: Wedding Cake
Favorite Song of The Day: At last by Etta James

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  1. i LOVE this blog!! its pure magic- and you WERE not a couch.. not even a loveseat.. or a chaise for that matter! you are incredible. what a wedding! xo


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