Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Self Control on a Saturday

Saturdays stars said this:

You will have to rely on your analytical skills and steely self-control to navigate the stormy seas you'll find yourself in today, Jayne.

I am very pleased that I declined a boat trip today! (By the way, I decline boat trips every day as I get sea sick in an angry jacuzzi. So please do not invite me on an all paid fourteen day Caribbean cruise.)

Stars continued:

And there is no way to escape from the stress. The worst pitfall facing you, especially in your career or studies, would be to begin doubting in your own abilities.

This was very true as I ended Saturday doubting my ability to be a grown up.

Let me set the scene.

One - I love food.
Two - My husbands favorite food is salad. No kidding. He adores salad. Therefore he does not eat much.
The scene - My husbands car.
The day: Saturday - beginning of a long week end off.
Action: Jayne spots two mega bags of potato chips in the back seat.

These are the gourmet type. Special flavors. The type you buy when friends come over that you want to impress. The type that are a guilty pleasure because they cost about one dollar per chip when you count how many are really in that big bag.

So anyway - there they are with my name written all over them.

I dream, salivate, fantasize over the thought of enjoying these chips. I see us munching off into the sunset together. Jayne and Honey Dijon with matching tattoos.

I make hints that my husband and I enjoy eating them together.
It's surely the thing to make a long week end fantastic?
He is not interested, nor enthusiastic about my binging ideas.
I make plans to secretly steal them, eat them and replace them.
I plainly ask to eat them.
I plainly beg to eat them.

For the entire weekend they remained in my husbands car, and in my head. In fact they are still there now, in the car and in my head.

I practically sulked, NO, let me delete practically, I sulked because we did not eat them.

How old am I?

I could not possibly think of having bags of food untouched in my car. I consider eating pieces of cookies that I find on the floor of my car. Even mints found at the bottom of my handbag look appetizing when stuck in a traffic jam.

My poor wonderful SLIM husband and what he has to put up with!!!!

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.

Favorite Food of the Day: Three Musketeers
Favorite Song of the Day: Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

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