Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday's Nuts

Friday's stars said this:

If you have ties to any of the therapeutic professions, Jayne, you may make a strange discovery related to the health field today.

I do not have a therapeutic profession. In fact, if my job had a theme song, it would be the entire soundtrack to the great movie Pulp Fiction. The opening song, including words said and screamed, sum up my Friday.

That being said, I am in the exceptionally lucky group of people, who can say that I love what I do. It just has a certain craziness linked to it. Kind of like the old relative that you have to go visit sometimes and try so hard to ignore their scattered conversation and the drooling.

I actually did have two discoveries on Friday, both very much related to health.
One that is obvious, is, that I wish I could remain patient when three urgent problems are in full speed at the same time. I know that the hunching of my shoulders and the clenching my jaws is not solving the problem. My voice takes on Julie Andrews while my body becomes the love child of The Hulk and the Bride of Frankenstein. As my colleague advised "It's not exercise you need, it's an exorcism."

My neck and shoulders are so tight, my eyelids click when I blink. Even my hair now has a self induced perm. I love having a head ache because it means my migraine has gone away. I think it's time to admit, that I feel the stress! Today on my to do list, number eight says relax!

Oh and the other discovery I made is going to be a revolutionary diet. It really works. Are you ready? In the morning eat handfuls (at least six) of mixed luxury nuts that you find in a tin in your car while driving. Follow this by drinking one large cup of coffee with an un-toasted strawberry pop tart you find in your desk drawer. Wait for five minutes and drink one medium cup of coffee with a kit kat. You will feel so sick that you will not want to eat. Well until lunchtime, but it's a start!

Favorite Food of the Day; Strawberry Laffy Taffy
Favorite Song of The Day: Misirlou - Dick Del and his Del Tones

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