Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday - is this a sign?

Today my stars say this:

That's right, nothing! I actually did not receive my daily stars today. How weird is that!
I checked my in box twice, my deleted box, my junk in the trunk, my out box, my favorites, my cookies, my everything and no stars.

Is this a sign? Am I being watched? Does anyone think I was being sarcastic, because I wasn't.
In fact I was inspired. So should a lack of their appearance tell me to stop? Kind of like waiting at the airport arrivals for your Spanish lover to come, when he said he would, and he doesn't! How many planes do you watch arrive before giving up and going home, solo and broken hearted.

Today was an odd day. Nothing awful, just kind of quirky. Maybe my stars knew and did not know what to say that would fit the experience of Wednesday.

I was at an office today that was newly renovated. Very cool with bright walls, lots of space (lack of work force maybe?) modern artwork and obviously very green in color and attitude. They had those cubes going on.

I have never worked in a cube. I wonder does it make you feel safe and secure? As I walked by I peered at some of the faces, the real ones, not the ones in the photographs pinned by their computer screens. I was reminded of those cats and dogs you see in windows that beg you to come inside and make them a pet.

This office lacked music and energy. Maybe the big boss was in and when they are out, the cubes whoosh up into the air and disco blasts along with the air conditioning and they hold Moonwalk competitions along the corridors.

Anyway, who am I to suggest what works. I got home to find a sock inside the cutlery drawer.
At least it was sitting with the spoons.

Favorite Food of the Day: Strawberry Pop Tart
Favorite Song of the Day: Us by Regina Spektor

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