Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday - it begins

Like millions of others I decide after watching and enjoying the new Nora Ephron movie Julie and Julia – that I want to write a blog. (Great book and great movie by the way.)

I am not that good with computers, do not like the sound of the word blog yet still I need and want to do something. Infact, first attempt of doing this went wrong and the screen told me I had the wrong html. Whats that? Horribly typed manuscripted letters?

Second try, here goes.

And so, it begins….

Tuesday August 11th 2009

Today my stars say this:

It is ok to cry today, Jayne. Realize that the action of releasing is critical to the action of receiving. If you have no sense of fear and restriction, it may be hard for you to experience joy and expansion. Sew the seeds that will allow you to soar to great heights today, but make sure you are ready to accept the challenges that come along with your growth.

First, I know it is OK to cry. I have a new habit of doing it every day. It causes intrigue as every morning at about the same time, I arrive at the drive through coffee counter, with the same amount of mascara running down my cheeks and puffy red eyes that a gerbil featured on You Tube would be proud of.

In my head I have a back story that I am a nurse, no a doctor, who does all the all night shifts at a hospital. In this role I am successful and well respected. I deserve coffee and two jelly do nuts!

I have no problem with understanding fear and restriction. I can not go down escalators for example. What on earth is the expansion and joy about? The only expansion I see is on my waist and the only joy I see has Almond written in front of it.

Then it mentions accepting challenges in order to grow. Why do we need to survive problems in order to grow? Here is how I want to grow: I win the lottery and pack up my husband and cat called Max and off we go to Hawaii. Sit on a beach for days and days and decide how best to grow our money, not forgetting our charitable and spiritual growth of course.

Favorite song of the day: Heaven by Talking Heads

Favorite Food of the day: HoHos.

Here goes - I am going to push Publish Post.

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