Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday - if Austen had a blog.

To my relief and delight my stars are back. Thank you!

So, today my stars say this:

This time of new beginnings is extremely important Jayne, and it would behoove you now to probe your depths and do a personal systems check to fix any internal quirks that might give you trouble in the future.

This reads straight from a medical journal written when Jane Austen wrote a blog. Behoove! Behoove? I had to read that thrice, me thinkest it is an olde word of ye wisdom from nay my brothers head of broiled wit and twixt...... you get the gist.

"Behoove Mr.Darcy please!"
Suggestion number two: "I must depart to get my horse behooved today."
Or "There are plenty of bees in the beehove Mrs.Bumble!"

What does behoove mean? I have never seen that word before. The fact that it appears in the same sentence as probe your depths frightens me. Will this hurt? Especially as it may fix my internal quirks - of which this week I have had many!

I am all for behooving it and probing it, as soon as I have worked out what it is, because I get the feeling that it is important. I do have a big irritating mosquito bite on my ankle, but that's not internal. Though I certainly hope it is for the mosquito! He must have been there for at least an afternoon munching away. Leave it to me to attract the ring leader of the over eaters anonymous for mosquito's.

By the way - you may want to read this part if you are following the story of The Foundation Garment of The Year. (If not, I behoove you!)

I know where I am going wrong, regarding The Foundation Garment of The Year. I actually believed in something that I bought that had Miracle in its title. It said it would make me look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds. Well it might have, but it took me twenty minutes to get it on. So I guess by the time it was maneuvered over the largest distance, it had lost its miracle.

You have to be quick where miracles are concerned and I should imagine some kind of pulley system may be of assistance.

So, I'm still on the hunt and the clock is ticking.

Behoove - (bi-HOOV) vi-hooved, -hooving. be necessary or fitting for.

Emmmmmm. Interesting.

Favorite Food of the Day: McDonalds Fries
Favorite Song of The Day: Keep It Comin' Love by KC and The Sunshine Band

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