Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday Roast

My stars on Sunday said:

You might be having trouble with your plumbing today, Jayne, particularly if you have a good-sized kitchen.

I just can't take the word plumbing seriously and I don't know why. It's like the word pudding! The reference to plumbing, kind of shocked me as I thought again that the stars were referring to my internal quirks, as previously discussed! I'm glad they added the part about the kitchen.

I like my kitchen. I do not know if it is a good sized one. My kitchen makes me want to do things like whisk, mix, broil and, well, open the stove door.

My Out Laws, are wonderful, well seasoned cooks. They have all the bowls and the knives and the focus to know when puffed is puffed and when a rib eye is not a tenderloin. They pull apart a lobster without flinching. Onions cry when my father in law greets them with his knife.

I once thought I might ask them to teach me a few recipes, but I don't know! Can you really teach a failed home economic girl stewing tricks? I grew up thinking that pineapple chunks came that way. I remember my brother confusing prunes with prawns. He was driven to tears seeing those black, shiny, bug like things staring at him when what he wanted was those pink things hanging from a glass of pink sauce stuff.

Not sure my desire for good old fish n chips would go down well in a kitchen known for Stuffed Rainbow Trout and Lamb braised in Red Wine.

My stars end with the greatest advice I have received all year:

In the meantime, have a pizza delivered while you're waiting to get your kitchen back!

Says it all!!

Favorite Food of the Day: Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Song of the Day: Cat People by David Bowie

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