Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday in Happy Non Motion

Today my stars say:

This may not be the most energetic of days for you, Jayne. You have been working exceptionally hard lately, and your body needs time to refuel.

I love that! Even my stars tell me that not only do I desire rest that I actually need rest.
They must have seen me lazing on the beach Saturday and Sunday, and thought, look how happy she is, content not to move.

Stars continue to point out:

Even though your body is slowed your mind is more active than ever.

That makes me laugh. There could never be a single time when my mind would be slower than my body because quite simply, my body does not move beyond s....l.....o....o...o....w.

I am reincarnated from a tortoise or a statue. I was the kid always picked last to be on any team. I think I am going to pass out if I get up too quickly. I emigrated to America just for the drive through!

There are joggers I see, who make running look attractive. I believe they are hired by sports shops and clubs. They are driven to the park in secret limos and dropped off, just as I pass in my car, still holding my coffee and secret do nut stash.

Everything they wear matches. Their IPOD wires stay connected and do not become entangled and lost in t shirt and hair. Their shorts and socks are the right length, and the plasters on their feet, if any, remain on their heels and do not escape and run up to flap around on the back of their knees.

Their hair, blond, swings in gentle motion - it does not fall and wallop them in their eyes.
They smile and as they pass you, they do the unmentionable, yes they actually speak.
I cannot walk up the stairs and say hi to my cat by the time I reach the top or bottom.

I do on occasion wonder what it is like to run and talk at the same time. The only words I imagine saying would be "help me!"

Favorite food of the day: Coffee Roll
Favorite Song of The Day: Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar

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