Forgive the posting below of an old blog I wrote over two years ago and never posted.
It seemed too light when I wrote it and yet two years on, I have become the customer.
The person, among many I'm sure, who this Sunday left out their brand new outdoor furniture cushions believing it would never rain again in New England. Why?

Here is the blog....................

Since March, one of my part time jobs has been for a popular, slightly expensive, upbeat, home furnishings store.
I wanted something fun, relatively easy and within an environment that was beautiful to look at.
The George Clooney Store does not exist, so I am happy to be where I am for now.
This one level store has divisions such as dinner ware, candles, furniture. The place I dread and fear and laugh the most in is...wait for it........cushions.
I call it Cushion Land.
Here is where I find sweat, blood and tears as customers armed with measuring tape, fabric swatches, magazine clippings, Valium and discount coupons spe…

For Paul Stickney - and of course his brother David

Here's a tough post to write.
Last Sunday, Paul Stickney, a favorite actor and friend of many died following complications from surgery.
Tributes are flooding in, wonderful stories, photographs and a general feeling of hard shock floating through the community he worked so passionately within.His passing was not expected, far from it and that flush of hard reality keeps hitting.

So here is my tribute to say thank you Paul.

Within this last year I truly got to know you and see your talent, great wit and huge heart in action. You welcomed me so warmly and grandly into your life. You were gracious in your feedback to me of my work, always incredibly encouraging.
You made me felt like I belonged, that I did a good job. You pulled me up if ever I started down the needy actor road, you reminded me that I was human and you inspired me to be bold. I liked that!
i would watch you work and admired how brave you were to create a vulnerable character while being physically so present and dema…

A Solution to The Impossibly Complicated

Seems there was a lot going on today, emotions, issues, blood pressures, technical problems.
Even the mighty Facebook could not keep up. The only posts that were clearly coming through were statements of "is anyone else experiencing issues posting today?"  Plenty of people discussing the effects of mercury retrograde and plenty of people feeling the frustration and tiredness. That desire for change when it feels like everything is impossibly complicated.

After a non tap dancing day and feeling many emotions for many folks who are going through decent, qualified troubles, I came to a simple resolution. Just stop.

We all work so hard to find the right answers, the solutions that will solve everything. If I send the best resume, if I write the best post, if I sell something, if I buy something, if I eat less, drink less, go visit, go walk, go tap dance, go, go, go. Sometimes nothing we try seems to work.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to be there. We can't do the ph…

National Women's Month

Today begins National Women's Month where we celebrate and pay tribute to female figures in history who have made changes. Who have been empowered to stand up for their beliefs for the better of others. People amaze me.

I send a virtual hug to all the women in my life, starting with my Mum, my first feminine influence and onto all the family, soul sisters, mentors, heroines and female figures that have inspired and guided me.

For the most part, this world does not allow for grace. Self respect is not taught. Yet without it, I feel our choices can become a spiral into an endless pit that does not have a pretty exit door.
So the fact that there have been women who have still pushed through and succeeded with remarkable tenacity despite what may have been surrounding them, demonstrates the power of the human being.
I often thought, ahhh but that's them, I can't be like that. I was wrong.
What did they say when Mother Teresa was born? They said - it's a girl.

As well as re…

Valentines Day 2019

This is a Valentine love letter for everyone who has lost a loved one.
Dearest You
Your love for your partner who has moved into the next realm is everlasting, eternal. What you shared in your time together remains and exists now in a new form. We hear the expression, moving on - it would turn my stomach when I heard that. You have to get on with your life I was told. That never inspired me, in fact it made me angry.
That’s like saying when a favorite movie or book ends, we just forget about it and find a new one. No, we revisit it, learning from it, finding comfort and joy in it. We talk about it, share the story and how it makes us feel. It continues to inspire us, to bring a smile. 
Love needs to be appreciated for all its intricate threads. There is no getting over, or moving on from the privilege and expression of love. 
There is however, a change within loss. A slow move into a knowing. It is the knowing that there is far more to this world then our skin and bones. That our souls cont…

Gold Star for The Everyday Stuff

Today I did something I have not done in seven years.

I haven't done it for various reasons.
Doing it brought me such simple joy. I took my time. Enjoyed every moment and welcomed in the freedom and new feelings.
It made me appreciate how doing this "living life business" is extremely complicated, and how we deserve gold stars for the every day stuff.
Yes, it is amazing when we achieve the big things. I love that. It is the small daily things that need to be celebrated too. I see those as the smaller, important steps to taking the bigger leaps. The things that build our enthusiasm and confidence. Our power.
As January 1st is way behind and it seems all my thoughts on walking, writing and eating salad are hidden in the depths of my mind, I have been judging myself and not being my best friend, and I find it harder to then continue.
For example - 'writing' and I have broken up. We are on a break. Apparently it's me, not 'writing'. They are clearly seein…

The 12 Days of Christmas

I heard today on the radio a question - what do people do on vacation that they rarely do at home? The answer was - order dessert in a restaurant. What? Are you kidding me? Dessert is the best bit, just like a gift shop is in a museum.  These must be the same people who go to Panera bread and when offered the bread, chips or apple, they brightly say apple. Really? An apple? In the place that has bread in its name and dough that boasts miracles, you order the apple. If you know me, you know that I have an incredible relationship with food. We either love and glorify in one another, fear and ignore one another, insult and delight one another, all on the same day - or I should say all just after breakfast. We have broken up many times. My friends have held me as I've cried, declaring that we are never, ever getting back together. Then gradually the special offers begin and the flattery coupons are shared and I hear myself say - This time McDonalds will treat me differently. I will have t…